I’ve been slacking, and preparing. June 1. 2013

These past few months since my last post I have done quite a bit. Nothing too exciting, at least in comparison to my approaching trip to Italy that will range from the Cinque Terre, Tuscany, down to Sorrento, and up to the Dolomites. I will post a daily summary with photos from that day when I get back. Regretfully, I won’t be able to take my laptop, so that’s why I will post when I get back.

Right now, its list making and bag packing for me.


My first pheasant hunt, in the Dakotas.

Last February, I had the neat experience to travel with my high school’s pep band to a few girl’s basketball tournaments (they got second at state). I play saxophone, and this has been my first true year of playing it with dedication. Later on during this spring, I actually had a solo during a jazz piece at our school concert and talent show. I have been improving tremendously. I still need to work on those scales, though. I went to the annual Buddy DeFranco jazz festival in Missoula and got to see professional jazz players and partook in some workshops.

During one of those pep band trips, I went to a Wailers concert. It was my first concert, and it may have been small, but this band is world renowned for playing with Bob Marley. They played great music and it was very fun. Next concert I go to I am bringing my camera.

Two other recent experiences of mine was taking part of a passover meal put on by a local messianic rabbi. It was chock full of little history lessons about the tradition. The second experience was my Confirmation at the cathedral. Again, it was very neat and special, but not the giant celebration that many cultures make it.


Passover meal.

I have awoken from the period of time that is winter and I have been running some 5k races. Running has been fun for me but I haven’t been training a lot. I will definitely in the midsummer, the time before cross country season. I loved cross country last year and I am looking forward to it again. After a race on Mother’s day, my mother found a guinea pig that had been tossed out on a dirt road. We have taken it in and I named it Murphy, in celebration of Eddie Murphy and his movie Dr. Doolittle.


Memorial day gathering, inside because of the rain.

I have been reading a biography on Fidel Castro, and it has been really interesting, despite his controversies. I think I will read a biography on Che Guevara next. I have recently bought Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and James Patterson’s 1rst To Die. The Great Train Robbery is also next on my list.

That is all I got for now, stay tuned and have a great June!


The start of something beautiful, hopefully. 1-9-13

As we all know, 2012 has come and gone. I would say it was one of the greatest years I’ve had so far that I can remember. In the summer I did lots of things, from driver’s ed to driving the Alaskan Highway (From Alaska to Washington). The Al-Can highway was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life. It may have only lasted 4 or so days, but I sure did learn a lot about vehicles and what inevitably happens to you if you don’t have the right tools or spare parts. I also developed a strong appreciation of Canada, which was the first memorable time I’ve been there. I can’t wait to go there again. Before that, me and my dad stayed in a cabin on Prince of Wales island (another great place) and of course visited the interesting city of Ketchikan. The whole purpose of this trip was to move my sister and brother-in-law as well as their kids down from Alaska to Oregon. I truly can’t wait to visit them in Oregon again. If you’ve ever been to the small, artsy hipster town of Ashland, perhaps you know the feeling it is to leave it. I felt refreshed and renewed, and excited for life. Over Christmas break my Dad and I drove with my hairy hunting companion Scout to Lemmon, South Dakota where I shot my first four pheasants. (I wouldn’t recommend adventuring to this area if you aren’t fond of bird hunting). Currently, at the beginning of the new year, I am preparing for semester exams at school, which we all remember as a fun and swell time and practically the highlight of our teen years. I am also preparing for my next Lincoln-Douglass debate meet and trying to keep up with my running for next cross country season, as well as the annual Race for the Cure in the spring. I really hope my 2013 can be as great as 2012 and it goes the same for you!

Along with all my goals one of them is what you are reading now. A blog. Or more preferably to me, an online journal. (I guess the stereotypes floating around the web are that bloggers are egotistical). So I hope this blog/journal thing can help me in one way or another and help me to share my interest of photography and traveling.

¡Hasta luego, mis amigos!