Days of Relaxation Jan. 27. 2013 [Blog 3]

These past few days have been calm but suckish. Mostly everyone has been sick this cold and flu season. This prevented me from going to State finals for LD debate, but I didn’t even think I made it anyway. Whats been keeping me together these weeks of repetitive school days? My dad has started the big trip planning for this June… we’re going to Italy for a month! This is going to be a great experience for me to take lots of pictures and keep this blog updated. I can’t wait and its only 5 monthes (gulp) away. Yeah. I need a new hobby to keep me entertained till then. Perhaps I can organized my iTunes library… and keep reading novels. Of course, I should keep up my exercise and my photography and I might join golf in the spring. Oh look! Now I suddenly have to much to do!